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Paulina Vizcano

I really recommended Kala Mehndi, she is talented, professional, accessible, creative, I had a play from The Greatest Showman and tattooed me to represent a character of the movie  

congratulations for your work.

Greatest Showmen
Mehndi wedding bride

Priya & Johnny

"Choosing Kala Mehndi for my wedding henna was the best decision I made. Their talented artists brought my vision to life with their intricate and personalized designs. Not only did they create beautiful artwork, but their professionalism and punctuality were also impressive. The henna turned out beautifully and lasted throughout my entire wedding celebration. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!"

Suzanne G.

"Kala Mehndi made my wedding day truly memorable with their exquisite henna services. The artist's attention to detail and artistic flair were remarkable. The henna designs were a perfect blend of tradition and elegance, and the natural henna paste they used gave a rich, long-lasting color. Kala Mehndi's team went above and beyond to ensure I felt special and the henna complemented my bridal look perfectly. I highly recommend them to any bride-to-be!"

Mehndi wedding bride
Mehndi Wedding Bride
Kim & Andy

"I cannot express how grateful I am to Kala Mehndi for their exceptional henna services at my wedding. The intricate designs they created were absolutely stunning and received so many compliments from my guests. The henna color was rich and lasted for weeks, making me feel so unique. Thank you, Kala Mehndi, for making my wedding day even more magical!"

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